Hommos with Shawarma $8.95
Hommos topped with chicken or beef shawarma

Kibbeh $8.95
(3) Fried ground beef shells combined with cracked wheat stuffed with a mixture of sautéed minced meat and onions

Ma’anick $8.95
Sautéed homemade beef and lamb Lebanese style sausage in a lemon-butter garlic sauce

Chicken Shawarma $9.95
Boneless chicken specially marinated and grilled served over pita and garlic sauce

Beef Shawarma $9.95
Tender slices of beef specially marinated and grilled, served over pita on a bed of parsley, onions, and sumac

Soujok $8.95
Sautéed homemade beef sausage in an exotic tomato garlic sauce

Layalina Beef Arayis $9.95
Baked pita bread stuffed with a mixture of ground beef, chopped onions, herbs, and special spices with pomegranate extract

Sultan’s Mazza Feast $99.95
Hommos with Shawarma, Baba Ghannoug, Macarona Bel Laban, Falafel, Soujok, Grape Leaves, Beet M’tabal, Kizbareyeh, Manaeesh Bel Zaatar, Malfoof Salad, Lubieh Bel Zeit, and Kabis

~~Kibbeh Nayah~~*
(Middle Eastern Steak Tartar) available upon request

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness

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